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(This is my first story attempt. I know it needs some editing but I'm still writting the other chapters. I started this in College. I hope someone likes it)

Chronicles of Blaze

(chapter 1)First day

Class 1-C was buss with excitement Sota notice as he entered the classroom. He notice all the girls were gathered around one of the desk in the center of the classroom.
"oh how cute" one girl said as Sota walked past them.
"Well thank you ladies" Sota said.
"We weren't taking about you freak" The girls said "Have you ever seen anything like him?" another said. "What gorgeous eyes" a third girl said.
"Hey Dallas" Sota called out to a tall, slender boy with spikie brown hair, as he walked past the horde of girls " What has them all excited, someone bring in a puppy." and walked over to some boys in the center of the classroom.
"A new pretty boy transfer into our class" Dallas a chuckled as he turned to look at the slightly smaller Sota.
"I've never seen them act like this before." Sota said "has anyone seen this pretty boy."
"No" a boy next to them said. "They pretty much have him blocked in"
"Adam what are you doing." Sota asked as he looked over to a tall, slender, blond haired boy lifting a girl's skirts with a ruler exposing her pink flower underpants.
"Just having a bit of fun" Adam chuckled as he went to the next girl. "they're too busy to notice." Sota and Dallas chuckled.
"Can you see him, Adam" Dallas asked
"Not through all of them." Adam replayed as he pointed at the girls.
"Everyone to their Seats" The teacher yelled making everyone jump. The students that were standing hurried to their desk.
Sota and the rest of the boys watched as a slender figure slowly appeared as the girls slowly dispersed.
"Ladies would you hurry up and take your sets. "He yelled to the girls that remained gathered around a desk a the center of the room.
"Yes Sir" the ladies groaned as they regretily hurried to their seats.
"Mr. Dunlap, I will be having a word with you after class." teacher said
"Yes, Sir" Adam groaned. The boys all laugh. With all the girls gone Sota looked to see what the girls had been so excited about.
"Class we have a new students " The teacher announced. "Would you be so kind to introduce yourself to the class"
A very slender almost frail looking boy with medium length dark blue hair with light blue bangs walked to the front of the class room and bowed "I'm Blaze Dannon" the boy said. A little pink came to his face when he heard some of the girls making some noises.
"This scorny girlie boy is what all the girls are getting all excited about" Sota said as he started to laugh. Blaze shot him a glare. "What you want pretty boy! Sota yelled "You want a piece of this! If you think your man enough come and get it" All of a sudden there was a big crash and laughing. Sota's found himself sitting on the ground his chair laying on top of him. Just then the classroom door opened and in stepped a girl with medium length pink hair in a school uniform. Her face turned pink when she heard some boys whistle as she walked by them.
"You need something ms" The girl walked right by Blaze, who was looking at her as if he seen a ghost.
"Sorry I'm late, sir" She said as She handed a piece of paper to the teacher. "Another new student" The teacher groaned "Alright please introduce yourself so we may start class
"Yes sir, I'm Chris" She said as bowed standing next to Blaze.
"Now that's more like it, she's a real looker" Dallas said
"I rather look at her then that girlie boy" Sota said who was now back in his chair.
"You may now sit down Mr. Dannon and Ms." The teacher said.
"Hey hot stuff come sit next to me" Sota said pointing, I'll show you a real good time" Sota said winking at Dallas" All of a sudden there was another big crashing noise and laughing. Sota was on sitting on the floor again with his chair on top of him looking confused and pissed off.
"Chris you may sit in front of Ms. Fie" the teacher said pointing to a desk in front of a girl with long brown hair. The teacher rubbed his temple with his index finger he was starting to losing his patience.
Blaze sat down at his desk. Chris's desk was adjacent to his. Blaze looked behind him. The dumb fondled Sota put a smirk on his face. "Mr. Miso will you get back in your sit I would like to start class if you mind" teacher yelled.
"Yes sir" Sota answer
"Now turn to page 190 in your textbooks." teacher asked
"I'm serious Dallas" Sota shouted taking a bite out of his sandwich
"You have to be imagining it" Dallas said.
"What is he imagining" Adam asked as he joined them for lunch on a bench at the skate park.
"Sota says that someone pulled the chair out from under him in class" Dallas said sarcastically
"Someone did" Sota shouted taking another bite of his sandwich "It felt like someone or something pulled it out from under me both times"
"There was no one there" Adam said.
"I know that" Sota shouted he was getting more pissed off just thinking about it.
"Calm down" Dallas said
"Hey look" Adam said
"What" Sota yelled
"It's the girlie boy and The cute new girl" Adam said pointing at Blaze and Chris who was using the ramp next to them.
"It's a small world after all" Dallas said Dallas said as they watch Blaze and Chris do a prefect 160 and then a 360 in sequence on opposite ends of the ramp. Blaze on his skateboard and Chris on in her roller-blades.
"I would have thought he would be too afraid to get dirty" Sota chuckled.
"Their not to bad" Adam said as they watched them get higher and higher on the ramp. Blaze had noticed that he had an audience over and decided to shock them all he looked Chris in the eyes as they passed in the center of the ramp.
"Their not to bad, nothing to special" Sota said with a laugh as they watched Blaze do a backwards summersault as Chris did a tight reverse 360 the boys' mouths and eyes were wide open. "What the hell!" Sota said.
"Did he do what I think he did" Dallas said. As they watched Chris do another reverse 360 and Blaze do another backwards summersault. Sota stood up and clenched his fist and made his way over to where Chris and Blaze were. "Where you going" Dallas and Adam asked getting up and following him. When the boys came to the ramp Blaze and Chris were using they could see him laying with his arms behind his head in the middle of the ramp with Chris sitting next to him.
"It's that late already" Blaze said to himself as he watch the sky change to sunset colors "We really probably should be getting home"
"Are you mad at me for coming?" Chris asked
"No, I'm glade your here" All of sudden Blaze shot up hitting his head on something hard. "Blaze are you okay" Chris asked "I'm fine" Blaze said Holding his forehead "What I hit" he looked up to see what he just hit his head on. Before Blaze could see what he hit someone had him by the collar of his shirt. Blaze's blue eyes met enraged green. Blaze started to open his mouth to say he was sorry. "This is for that!" Sota said punching Blaze in the stomach. "And this is for earlier today!" Just as Sota's fist was going to punch Blaze in the face "Leave him alone" Chris grabbing his arm trying to hold it back.
"Let go" Sota shouted. "What a coward, your going to let your girl friend fight your battle for you"
"Chris let him go" Blaze said.
"But.." she said as she let Sota's arm go. Blaze had a smirk on his face. Sota raised his fist again to punch Blaze. then he heard people laughing all around him. Sota looked around to see what everyone was laughing at. Everyone around him was laughing and pointing at him. He looked down and saw his pants were down around his ankles and his poky-a-doted boxers exposed. He turned beet red.
"Sota those are some tuff looking boxers" Dallas said laughing. He turned back to Blaze his fist raised. Blaze and Chris were gone. "You coward!" Sota yelled punching the side of the ramp "We are not through!"

Chapter 2 "The Dark World"

"Man what I do to him" Blaze thought aloud as he and Chris walked home holding his stomach where Sota had punched him.
"Well I guess I did pull the chair out from under him in class" Chris replayed
"I guess I did do that" Blaze said chuckling a little to himself
"and now you pulled his pants down, I wouldn't like you either" Chris said giving him a cold glare. Blaze chuckled again thinking about the look on Sota's face. "We were told to not to use our powers to much in the human world." Chris looked at Blaze coldly again.
"What if someone seen" Chris said coldly.
"Yeah I know, I wouldn't call that using my powers and I don't think no one noticed or cared that it was something not normal" Blaze replayed as they stopped in front of the door of a ran down townhouse. Blaze looked around there was no one there was looking before he pulled a funny looking silver key in the shape of a bat out of his pants pocket and placed it in the lock. "We're home finally" Blaze said as he opened the door. He let Chris go through the door first.
"and besides Chris I have to use one of my powers in the human world. "Chris looked behind her Blaze was standing behind her his skateboard under his arm. His pale peach skin was now purple, his rounded human ears were now pointed, and he now had a tail. This was the Blaze she knew. She stared at him.
What's the matter?" Blaze asked her.
Nothing." She replayed.
"Oh that's right that was the first time you've seen me transform into a human" Blaze said.
Blaze looked around him there were trees all around them with a little dirt road leading out of the trees. This place was dark, musty and just the way Blaze left it.
"Prince Blaze!" 'Chris your back!" twin girls about five said running up to Blaze and Chris putting their arms around Blaze's legs. The girls looked exactly alike except for their hair color. One had blue hair with pink bangs and the other had pink hair with blue bangs. "We missed you!" one said "are you alright" the other said.
"We're fine, Wendy and Jenny" Blaze said patting the little girls on the head "Did you come to walk us home?" Blaze said smiling at them.
"yeah" Wendy said
"and to play" Jenny said
"Does your mom know where you two are?" Chris asked bending down patting the little girls head
"Well, yes" both girls said why'll looking down to the ground.
"Do she?" Chris asked again them
"We told her wanted to go see Prince Blaze" Wendy said "We just didn't tell her where we were going to see him." Jenny said as they walk down a old dirt road. As they cleared the woods they could see a spooky looking town in the distance. Blaze put his skateboard on the ground and looked at Chris who was slipping on her roller-blades."Hey girls you want to be the judge" Blaze asked "The town gate is the finish line"
"Yeah" and with a puff Wendy turn into a bat and flew off to the gate."Ready.." Jenny said
"Ready to eat my dust Blaze" Chris said.
"Set" Wendy
"Your dreaming right" Blaze laugh
"Go" Jenny yelled an with that Blaze and Chris were off skating down the path veering from the path to jump rocks and branch. They were neck and neck at the great oak tree at the edge of town. They could see the gate to town Blaze and Chris jumped into the air to jump the gate into town. All of a sudden Blaze felt something grab his tail he landed on the ground with a big thud his board landed in front of him.
"Blaze are you all right," Chris asked. Blaze could here laughter.
"I'm fine," Blaze said as he slowly got up off the ground.
"Girls" A lady yelled at the two little girls.
"Coming mommy" they shouted as they ran off.
"Hey freak," A voice said with a laugh. Blaze looked toward the gate to see a boy with black and red spiky hair leaning against the wall.
"Vim what are you doing tripping Blaze like that?" Chris yelled.
"Because it's fun" Vim responded with a laugh " Hey, I didn't see you in class today?"
"I had better things to do?" Blazed yelled.
"Something better then getting all the special treatment just because your the Prince"
"Vim stop it?" Chris yelled cutting in.
"Chris why do you insist on hanging out with this loser?" Vim asked
"I.." Chris began to say
"He's not even full Vampire?" Blaze's clutched his fist as temper began to rise. "He not even a Dampil, his kind does not have a name.
"If it wasn't for his father being king he wouldn't get all the special treatment." Vim said.
"Vim" Blaze said
"Freak would you like to know what people here say about you?"
Blaze looked at Vim "Not really, but I have a feeling your going to tell me" Blaze responded .
"They think you shouldn't became king," Vim said, "they believe only a full vampire should be king"
"Vim!" Blaze said with hint of anger in his voice.
"The people also say that your father made a big mistake in marring that hore of an elf that you call mom," Vim blurted out.
"That's enough!" Blaze yelled with anger in his voice "No one talks about my mother like that."
"What ya going to do.." before Vim could finish his sentence Blaze punched Vim in the face, knocking him to the ground.
Blaze turned and started to walk away from Vim. "Let's go Chris."
"I'm not finished with you yet freak," In a proof of black smoke Vim disappeared and a black bat appeared in his place. "Lets see you punch this you freak," Vim said. The bat came at Blaze at a high rate of speed.
"Prince look out" in poof of pink smoke Chris disappeared and a pink bat appeared in her place. Before she could take action Blaze's tail whooshed past her and knocked Vim to the ground. In another poof of black smoke Vim turned back to normal just as he hit the ground.
"Lets go Chris," Blaze said as he started to walk away. In a poof of smoke Chris returned to normal and followed Blaze.
"Yay, you think your hot sh*t now," Vim shouted as he picked himself of the ground. "I bet you'd be scared sh*t less if you met a vampire slayer, you don't even carry a weapon."
"I have a sword and I carry it with me all the time" Blaze said.
"Lets see this sword of yours then" Vim said. With his left hand Blaze reached behind his back and remove a small dagger from it's sheath. The dagger had a very elaborate designs on the handle.
Vim started to laugh hysterically. "You call that a sword," Vim said as continued to laugh, "that's a freak-en dagger, What's that going to do?"
"What's going on here!" A teenage vampire named Rose yelled. Rose was coming down the road from town. "Lets go your hinish!"
"Okay, Rose we're coming. Lets go Chris," Blaze said as he put his dagger away and walk away with Chris not to far behind him.
"Blaze this is not over," Vim shouted as Blaze, Chris and Rose walked down the into town.
"I thought I told you before not to call me prince or your hinish," Blaze said with a harsh tone to his voice.
"Sorry Blaze it just popped out by accident," Chris said.
"What's the problem?" Rose asked. "You are the prince at least the last timed I looked you were. "
"Yes, I know," Blaze said as he scratched the back of his head. "It's just that I would like to be called by name and be treated like a normal vampire by the people in this world. I especially like to be treated normal by my own cousin and my best friend ."
"Your not a normal vampire need I remind your your hinish," Rose said with a little spite in her voice.
"Rose you don't need to remind me that I'm only half vampire," Blaze said, "I know that fact already.
"I kind of heard what Vim said to you and he is right about the other vampires in the kingdom. They do not like you because your half elf, they believe you won't be able to lead the people fairly because of that fact," Rose said. "I kind of agree with them on that part that you shouldn't became king."
As they entered the center of town the market place was busy with people. Blaze noticed that all he people got quiet as he walked pasted them, the people also seemed to staring at him as he walked pasted them. Blaze could see in many of their eyes the hatred they had for him.
"I know many of the people don't like me because I'm half elf," Blaze said. "But I don't care what you or the people think of me, that will all change one day. Because one day I will do something to change every ones option about me."
"Sure you will," Rose said with a little criticism in her voice. "Well that wasn't the only thing Vim was right about."
"What else could that creep be right about?" Chris asked, with a harsh tone in her voice.
"Well he was right about that dagger of his," Rose said. "That dagger wouldn't do much damage and defiantly wouldn't be much good against a vampire slayer like Vamp." Rose, Blaze and Chris on the drawbridge of a huge castle. Blaze reached behind his back and remove his dagger from it's sheath.
"This is a sword not a dagger," Blaze shouted.
"How could that be a sword it's to ...." Just before Rose could finish the dagger transformed into a full length sword. Rose looked at the sword with a shocked look on her face. "What the....?"
"I don't really know," Blaze said, "Rose would you like to try" Blaze asked as he handed her the sword. Rose grasped the sword with her right hand. As soon as Blaze let go of the sword, the sword transformed back to a dagger.
"What's going on It got smaller," Rose said with a bitchy tone in her voice as she grasped the sword in both hands.
"I was told by father that this sword was given to our grandfather by the elf's, then it was given to my father, then me" Blaze explained "It was said that only the true king would be able to transform it,"
"Why can't I transform it," Rose said with a confused tone in her voice squeezing the sword hilt harder, "I should be able to transform the sword, I have royal blood running through my veins even more then you do."
"Rose don't worry about it," Blaze said, "grandfather couldn't transform the sword, Your father and mine can't transform it either." The girls looked at him with a surprise look on their faces. "I couldn't either at first" Blaze said thinking back to when he was a little boy "That night about ten years ago was the first time I transformed it" then his mind jumped to a bloody room. A young Blaze and a man standing face to face. A young Chris hulded in a corner behind Blaze. Blaze hands shook as he held his dagger in front of him. As Blaze lunged at the man the dagger transformed in his hand into a full sword.
"Why didn't father tell me about this sword?" Rose asked snapping Blaze back into the real world.
"I don't know," Blaze said, "as far as I know I'm the only one that can transform the sword."
"Being able to transform the sword doesn't mean a thing" Rose shouted as she dropped the dagger to the ground and walked away.
"See you later," Blaze shouted
"Don't think this means anything" Rose said crossly "I'm just doing my job of making sure you two get home safely," "To answer you question your hinish about why I don't call you by our name, Well its because I like to annoy you little cousin." Rose said as she continued to walk down the road.
As Blaze and Chris crossed the drawbridge of the spooky castle.

to be continued....

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